Satisfaction Survey

Satisfaction Survey

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Please “check” the appropriate box to indicate Strongly Agree (SA); Agree (A); Undecided (U); Disagree (D); and Strongly Disagree(SD).

I understand the long-term strategy of this organization
I have confidence in the leadership of this organization
The leaders of this organization care about their employees' well being
Management team and supervisors live the core values of the organization
There is adequate planning of each departmental objectives
There is adequate follow-through of each departmental objectives
Mangement team and supervisors live the core values of the organization are open to input from employees
The corporate communications are frequent enough
The corporate communications are detailed enough
I have a good understanding of how is doing financially
I can trust what the tells me
The treats me like a person, not a number
The gives me enough recognition for work that is well done
Staffing levels are adequate to provide quality services
Quality is a top priority with the organization
I believe there is a spirit of cooperation within this organization
I like the people I work with at the organization
At this organization , employees have fun at work
I feel I can express my honest opinions without fear of negative consequences
Changes that may affect me are communicated to me prior to implementation
I like the type of work that I do
I am given enough authority to make decisions I need to make
I believe my job is secure
Deadlines at this organization are realistic
I feel I am valued in this organization
.I feel part of a team working toward a shared goal
I am able to maintain a reasonable balance between work and my personal life
My job makes good use of my skills and abilities
I have a clear understanding of my job role
I understand the importance of my role to the success of the organization
Most days, I feel I have made progress at work
My physical working conditions are good
My general work area is adequately cooled
There is adequate noise control to allow me to focus on my work
My workspace has adequate privacy for me to do my job
I feel physically safe in my work environment
My supervisor treats me fairly
My supervisor treats me with respect
My supervisor handles my work - related issues satisfactorily
My supervisor handles my personal issues satisfactorily
My supervisor acknowledges when I do my work well
My supervisor tells me when my work needs improvement
My supervisor is open to hearing my opinion or feedback
My supervisor helps me develop to my fullest potential
I feel I can trust what my supervisor tells me
The organization provided as much initial training as I needed
The organization provides as much ongoing training as I need
The organization provides the technology, equipment and resources I need to do my job well
The computer or other hardware I use to do my job are adequate
Technology issues are resolved in a timely manner
Technology issues affecting my work are communicated to me in a timely manner
I understand what is expected for career advancement
I am encouraged to explore growth or advancement opportunities within the organization
There is an opportunity to advance at this organization
I trust that If I do good work, I will be considered for a promotion
The organization provided as much initial training as I needed
. My pay is fair for the work I perform
Specifically, I am satisfied with the:
Amount of vacation (or Paid Time Off)
Sick leave policy
Amount of healthcare paid for
Dental benefits
Vision care benefits
Retirement plan benefits
Life insurance benefits
Disability benefits
Tuition reimbursement benefits
Most days, I look forward to going to work
My job provides me with a sense of meaning and purpose
I am proud to work for this organization
I feel this organization has created an environment where I can do my best work
I am willing to give extra effort to help this organization succeed
I plan to continue my career with this organization for at least two years
I would recommend the organization services to a friend
I would recommend working at organization to a friend
Overall, I am very satisfied with the organization